Reglas Antidoping FEI (04/2010)

These Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (hereinafter EADCM Regulations or Regulations) are adopted and implemented in conformity with the undertakings of the FEI governing bodies in the spirit of the World Anti-Doping Code (2009 version) and with deference to the findings of the Chaired by Professor Arne Ljungqvist (hereinafter Ljungqvist Commission) which was initiated by FEI Athletes in September 2008 who stepped forward to identify a problem, and the Stevens Commission, chaired by Lord Stevens. The findings of both Commissions were debated and ultimately harmonized to form the Joint Commission on 9 October 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Equine Anti Doping Rules (hereinafter EAD, the first chapter of the EADCM Regulations, shall apply to any violation alleged under the EADCM Regulations that involves a Banned Substance or Banned Method. Conversely, the Equine Controlled Medication Rules (hereinafter Rule, the second chapter of the EADCM Regulations, shall apply to any violation alleged under the EADCM Regulations that involves a Controlled Medication Substance or a Controlled Medication Method.

These EADCM Regulations, adopted by the General Assembly in November 2009 and effective January 1, 2010, specifically incorporate the material findings of the Joint Commission. One of the most significant recommendations to emerge from the Commission was the suggestion to establish two (2) separate and distinct approaches to Doping, on the one hand, which is defined in the EAD Rules Articles 2.1-2.7; and Controlled Medication, on the other hand, as defined in the ECM Rules. Consequently, these two (2) categories of rules are being presented in one comprehensive Rule book, in separate chapters, for ease of use and understanding. This new approach brings with it a change in the applicable terminology. Going forward, any substance prohibited by the EADCM Regulations will be referred to as a Prohibited Substance which is now meant to be the umbrella term. However, substances classified as Doping under the EAD Rules will be referred to as Banned Substances while substances classified as Controlled Medication under the ECM Rules will be referred to as Controlled Medication Substances.

EADCM Regulations are sport rules governing the conditions under which sport is performed. Persons Responsible and their Support Personnel accept these Regulations as a condition of participation and involvement in FEI activities and shall therefore be bound by them. The introduction of Support Personnel into these Regulations is not entirely new as the FEI General Regulations have always prosecution of a case where the factual circumstances have warranted that inclusion. The incorporation and moderate expansion of the concept within the new Regulations is intended to ensure that all participants in equestrian sport who violate the EADCM Regulations will be held accountable.